Polyester film is the most robust and flexible film, which is the first choice for the optical applications. Furthermore it is heat, abrasion, resistant to chemicals and moisture.

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Forewent offers unique solutions for high performance BOPET optical film grades up to 400μm

  • High-class clean room technology
  • Sequential & simultaneous lines for first-class semi-optical and optical applications
  • Special coating technologies and equipment for optimized adhesion to prism, diffusion, ITO and hard coat layers


  • Polarizer protection films & low MOA film.
  • Anti-reflection, Anti-static, anti-fingerprint
  • Hard-coat protective films
  • ITO base film for ITO, SNW, CNT or metal mesh for touch panels
  • LCD backlight unit films such as reflection film (white), diffusion and prism base film
Film Types Range of Thickness
Diffusion Film 20 - 250 µm
Reflection Film (white) 60 - 300 µm
Prism Film 19 - 250 µm
ITO Film (Indium tin oxide) 23 - 180 µm

Stretchline Machines


World Wide Suppliers of Key Spare Parts, Assemblies, and
Equipment for BOPP, BOPET Film Lines