The preferred choice of raw materials for capacitor films are Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PP. is independent of frequency and temperature (<105°C) and has a high impulse stability- therefore it can be used in AC and DC applications.

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Compared to this, PET is heavily dependant on frequency due to its high loss factor and so it is mainly used in DC applications. Both type of Capacitor film are produced by Stretchline where a more perfect crystalline structure is formed and the dielectric strength can be increased.

  • Sequential and simultaneous stretching process for highest film quality
  • Production speeds up to 350 m/min and output up to 1,100kg/h
  • Lowest film thickness down to 2μm (simultaneous)
  • High break down voltage, excellent surface roughness, good md-shrinkage and self-healing effect.
Film Types Range of Thickness
Capacitor film for metallizing 2 - 12 µm
Capacitor film for impregnation 10 - 12 µm

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