Fourwents offers various stretching line equipments concepts with different working widths and outputs for a highly efficient production of flexible BOPET packaging film.

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The highlight is our unique MDO hot stretch technology for high speeds and output as well as improved optical and mechanical film properties.

  • Proven width & speed for highest productivity
  • Speed upto 300 m/min
  • Various packaging film types
  • "Direct film casting is the perfect option for reduced production costs
Film Types Thickness Range
Laminating/Printing/Metallizing 8 - 50 µm
Clear Film/Laminating 10 - 75 µm
White Film/Label/Photo/Udding 20 - 75 µm
Mat Film/Label/Metaling 12 - 75 µm
Yarn Grade Film 12 - 36 µm
Inline Coated Film 8 - 75 µm
Sequin Film 90 - 125 µm

BOPET Packaging Films Production Machines / Plants

With our stretching equipment You get following benefits:


Highest yield and efficiency proven widths from 2.4 m, 3.2 m up to 5.2m


Better film properties.


Unique stretching process.


Lower cost of production optimized energy management.


Utmost flexibility.

Stretchline Machines


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