Group ‘fourwents’ was founded in 1958 at ahmedabad, gujarat, india, by Mr. S. N. Modak. He was the captain of battalion in british army, during second world war.

In those days, ‘fourwents’ manufactured different kinds of spare parts for various process machineries & industries. in 1968, we commenced the production of import substitutes process equipments, industrial & process rollers, chill rollers, hot & cool rollers, can dryers & rotary unions, rotary joints, swivel joints & syphon systems. ultimately ‘fourwents’ products became primary choice in many industries.

Today, ‘fourwents’ has become a first tier supplier to leading manufacturers serving diversified industries like :- pharmaceutical / film, plastics, paper, packaging, textile, printing, food, chemical, rubber & tyre, glass, steel & aluminium, automotive, insulation, petroleum, man made fibre and many other industries in india & more than 30 countries in the world.

Our strength is not only the production of common designs, but also the development of completely new designs to gather all advantages for your benefit.

'FOURWENTS' Development

At ‘fourwents’ , we feel every application deserves its own optimal solution. That’s why we have developed the widest line of rotary joints & unions and syphons available. ‘fourwents’ products meet almost any need whatever the process, speed, medium, pressures, temperatures or other applications, conditions, we offer self-supported, rod Supported and bracketmounted rotary unions / joints for handling steam, water, hot water, cooling water, coolant, air, vacuum, hydraulic, brine, gases, hot heat- transfer- oils, Vapours and other liquids or media & stationary syphon systems for all speed ranges and other accessories.

Today the company produces a very wide range of easily replaceable standard and special rotary unions / joints and allied accessories for the demanding requirements of modern Machineries.

'FOURWENTS' Production

A scientific combination of different technologies such as highly advanced machining centers equipped with state-of-the-art process. Our highly skilled team of technician / expert engineers and cnc specialists have resulted superior performance of our rotary union & other products. All sealing surfaces are precisely lapped. We measure the individual component with precision measuring instruments and finally units are assembled and also tested on test benches under practical conditions in order to guarantee the quality and operational reliability of the product. After all, in the end, our quality is the deciding factor.

‘fourwents’ an innovative company, that is conscious of its tradition and ensure high standards through successful quality management, will always be a partner on which its customers can trust and relay.